What is Humane Education?

humane education

It’s what we do at Be Bop USA!  We take our dogs and miniature horses to Libraries and schools as part of the Humane Society humane education program. We educate children to be responsible pet owners.   At our presentation we help youngsters and adults understand the behavior, physical needs and characteristics of many varieties of pets.

We explain what it means when a horse swooshes his tail (somethings bugging him!) compared to the meaning of your dog’s wagging tail (happy, happy, happy). What does it mean when a horse lays his ears flat back against his head? You better get back and watch out! What does it mean when your dog lays his ears back? He’s trying to be submissive and say hi.   We also address the needs of a rabbit compared to a guinea pig or chicken. Every baby animal is adorable, but are you ready to take care of a crowing 15 pound rooster?

Through humane education we hope to avoid neglect in the future through education today.

You can find many ways to volunteer at your local adoption center. Search below to find one near you!

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