Most Effective Pet Training Methods with Equipment

pet training
The “Old School” training is “Show them who’s boss”!  Through much study and observation, we realize the pack mentality of animals and the importance of the hierarchy of command.  Additionally, we have learned many methods of interacting with our pets to achieve the desired peace and appropriate behaviors necessary in our modern world.  

Recognizing your pet’s characteristics is the best place to start with a comprehensive training plan.  Is he shy, aggressive, dominate or the peacemaker?  Is he a playful puppy (at age 4!) but 150 pounds? Is he a tiny pocket pup?  Discover ways to train your best friend with our Positive Reinforcement training suggestions and Be Bop USA pet products.

There is no need for shock or electric collars with most dogs.  If you can observe your dog and try to recognize why he is doing what is annoying you, then you can address the problem. Sometimes we are too close to the situation and may need the help of a friend to help assess the situation.  Tough problems may need the help of a certified behaviorist or positive reinforcement or clicker trainer.  Your local humane society will be a great resource for trainers and help.  But when seeking outside advice, please always think twice when they want to suggest shock collars, choke chains, pinch collars, “alpha rolls” and throw chains.

To see a comprehensive list of Be Bop USA made products that are humane and safe please see our Behavior Chart to choose the right training product for your pet.

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