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Mole Skin Tape: Avoid Rubbing for Thin-Skinned Dogs

mole skin

Thin-skinned dogs: Does your harness/collar irritate your dog’s skin? Does your pet’s skin get irritated behind their forelegs?   BeBopUSA can help!  Try using mole skin.  Traditionally used for hiker’s blisters, mole skin is soft and comfy on one side, and once you remove the paper backing, it’s sticky on the other.  Just remove the sticky paper and […]

What is Humane Education?

humane education

It’s what we do at Be Bop USA!  We take our dogs and miniature horses to Libraries and schools as part of the Humane Society humane education program. We educate children to be responsible pet owners.   At our presentation we help youngsters and adults understand the behavior, physical needs and characteristics of many varieties of […]

Which Dog Harness is Right for My Dog?

front lead harness

Choosing the right dog harness is easy to determine once you’ve identified the characteristics or behavioral problems you might have with your dog.  I’d like to answer several questions pet owners have asked to help you find the best harness for you dog: Is it a puppy? What breed of puppy? Under 10 Pounds If he’s a toy […]