Positive Reinforcement: Averting Undesirable Behavior

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It’s normal for every dog to jump up to visit people, especially those they love.  They want to be up with you in your space. What happens every time a cute little puppy jumps up to greet you? More often than not, we reward them by picking them up and cuddling them, talking with them […]

Positive Reinforcement: Transition to Advanced Pet Training

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Once you have mastered clicking, treating and timing through positive reinforcement, you are ready for the next step. The list is unlimited as to what you can teach your dog.  Obedience is utmost importance, so let’s start here.  Once you have mastered the click for the behavior, such as sit, work on your dog staying […]

Positive Reinforcement: How to Properly Implement in Your Dog Training

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We hear about positive reinforcement everywhere in the animal world. But what is it? And why does it work? Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool to shape or change your dogs’ behavior.  It works like this.   Your dog sits, you immediately reward him (with a treat or even better a “click”). Very quickly, he […]