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Hi I have one of your double grippas. I love it and have 3 big dogs that I walk regularly. I’m a huge fan
Thanks that leash is fantastic
Believe it or not I run with 240 lbs of choc lab and huskies because of this great leash. Thanks Laura

Yesterday, I received a front D-ring harness for my dog, purchased on eBay from you. I took her for her first walk this morning with her new harness, and it was like a miracle. A few gentle pulls, a few “with me’s” and she got it. No more pulling me down the street! Thank you for a good USA product.


Thank you for the speedy shipping and the fabulous custom Front Lead Harness. I had bought my dog a Sense-ation Harness just a few weeks ago but felt frustrated that a size Medium only comes in the 3⁄4″ strapping. It just didn’t look right — or comfortable — on Artie, my dog. A friend of mine told me about Bebop and when I saw that you had ANY size in any width of strapping, I ordered another harness on the spot. It arrived today, I just fit Artie for it, and I can already tell it’s perfect. Thank you again! 


We received the front lead harnesses that we purchased from you today and tried them out right away. I can’t believe the difference they make in walking our girls! What a wonderful harness!


Want you to know that Chase’s Secure Fit Safety Harness System and Grippa handle arrived today. Chase is already wearing the Harness! I know it’s comfortable…he’s walking around and is not bothered at all that he has it on. We will let you know how Chase reacts when we test it out in the car. The Grippa handle will be very useful for controlling Chase during his walks. He still likes to pull a little. Thank you again for a product that we feel is one of the best available for protecting family pet members and Chase’s great gift. Continued Success

Mike, Denise and Chase

Hi, I wanted to let you know how much we love the Grippa Double dog walker! I can now take my shepherd and jack Russell for a walk at the same time. They were constantly tangling their leashes and pulling me every which way. Now we are walking every day and I feel safe and the girls seem happy! Thank you for such a great product!


Dear Be Bop, I purchased a Front Lead harness today and am amazed at the difference it made with my dog, Howie. The results were instant. I’ve been working with him for months trying to get him to walk safely but have been unsuccessful until now. I love how I can put it on him so easy. Now he’s a “good dog”! Thanks a bunch!


Sue, I have to tell you how grateful we are that you developed the Secure Fit Car Harness. We were in an accident that totaled our car last weekend. We are ok, and our precious Bo is fine as well. The harness kept him in place and safe while the emergency people helped us out of our car. Bo was harnessed in safely until someone could get him out. I can’t thank you enough.

Allyce and Ryan

Hello, I am Barbara Archer, and recently purchased a harness for my Australian Shepherd. I want to thank you for the excellent quality of this harness, the ease in using it, and most especially for the amazing change in my Aussie’s behavior. I have been giving your website and my highest recommendation to all my dog owner friends. Thank you so very much, and best wishes to you in your endeavors! Blessings


Hello, I was told that this item [Front Lead Harness] was not made for small dogs by my groomer. This item works so well. I have a 19 lb. rescue that I can only take for a walk after I tire her out in the back yard for about 15 minutes. While I am not that old, I have Lupis and dealing with her pulling can be painful. I put this on her when it arrived yesterday, without the usual warm up, took her out in the street and at first she tried to pull but it turned her around right away. After about 3 times she walked next to me, looking up every now and then like I was doing something weird. I am telling every one who has this problem, especially the people that I work with at the Arthritis Foundation to buy one of these items from you. Happy Holidays and thank you


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